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A study by the

Information for participants

Dear participants of the German Mobility Panel,
we would like to introduce to you,

what the German Mobility Panel is,

why this study exists and

why we're asking you to participate in it.

Mobility - quality of life and independence in everyday life.

For all kinds of out-of-home activities, you have to travel distances and therefore participate actively in traffic - whether you are going to work, school or shopping.

Mobile, flexible and on the move – those keywords symbolize our current and future society. Our everyday life is characterized through mobility, so you may say that the transport system is our society’s circulatory system!

Transport planning and transport policy shape mobile life.

Unfortunately, we also experience the negative aspects of a motorised society: Congestion, streets blocked through parking vehicles, noise, accidents, air pollution and much more. For these reasons transport planning and transport policy are working intensively on questions of how the transport system must be designed in order to meet current and future requirements. At least, the transport infrastructure is cost-intensive and the decision which investment to make should be well considered.

What does the German Mobility Panel (MOP) do?

Information about mobility behaviour is the basis for decision making in transport planning and transport policy. The German Mobility Panel is a representative survey which collects this information from households in Germany. In some way, it measures the transport system’s pulse.

Through participating in the MOP and filling out a trip diary, an important basis for designing the future transportation system is given.


Your answers will help us!

The participation in the study is of course voluntary. However, because the requested information is so important we encourage you to participate. Your household was chosen in a random selection as representative of many other households. You may think that your mobility pattern is unusual and for this reason, your answers might not be relevant for us.

No matter how untypical your mobility behaviour may be - for a representative result of our study, the complete spectrum of mobility needs should be reflected.

We ask you to fill in the questionnaires truthfully and as completely as possible. Through our anonymous evaluations, data protection regulations are complied with at all times. It is not possible to draw conclusions about you as an individual or about your household.

With your participation you support us to make traffic planning in Germany sustainable - every trip counts!

Your survey team