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Information for participants

This section is addressed to people being asked to participate in the German Mobility Panel or to those who already do so. With your participation you contribute to an efficient and carefully designed transportation infrastructure.

Mobility is part of everyday life.
Staying mobile is not only an everyday need - it means, to a great extent, freedom and quality of life. For all kinds of out-of-home activities people make trips: work, attending school or shopping. This also includes leisure time and weekend mobility. Figuratively speaking the transport system is our society’s circulatory system!

Transport planning and transport policy shape mobile life.
But there is also a downside to increasing mobility: congestion, streets blocked parked vehicles, noise, accidents and air pollution. It is therefore a central issue for transport planning and transport policy how to shape the transport system so that it suits the needs of the people today and in the future. Last but not least traffic infrastructure is cost intensive and it is crucial to determine which investments are not only wise but also cost-effective and which are not.

What does the German Mobility Panel (MOP) do?
Information about transport behaviour is the basis for decision making in transport planning and transport policy. The German Mobility Panel is a representative survey which collects information from persons and households in Germany. In some way it is a measure of the transport system’s pulse. Respondents provide the MOP with essential information to build tomorrow’s transport system.

Your answers are very helpful!
The participation in the survey is voluntary. However, because the requested information is so important we encourage you to participate. Your household was chosen in a random selection as representative of many other households. You may think your mobility pattern is unusual and for this reason your answers might not be relevant for us. Yet the survey should cover the whole mobility spectrum. This is why everyone is of interest for our survey, whether you are very much or very little mobile. It is of utmost importance for the study that you fill in the trip diary completely.

Privacy requirements are met entirely. All analyses are carried out with anonymized data. It is not possible to track you as single person or your household.

The survey team.