About the study

The German Mobility Panel consists of two parts

Part 1: Everyday mobility

Every year in autumn, households and persons are surveyed on their everyday mobility. For this part of the study, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your household and to keep a so-called trip diary. The questionnaire includes questions such as about public transport accessibility, car ownership or about your household members.

In the trip diary, participants are asked to document all trips made in the course of one week, including start and end time of each trip, means of transport used, trip purpose (work, shopping, etc.) and distance covered. The trip diary should be filled in by yourself and by each person over 10 years of age in your household.

You can choose whether you would like to work on the survey in paper form or on your computer / mobile device (smartphone, tablet…).


Part 2: Survey about car mileage and fuel consumption

In addition to survey on everyday mobility, households are also asked about mileage and refueling events of their cars. This part of the survey takes place in spring, especially asking support from those households participating in the survey of everyday mobility owning at least one car. These participants are asked to fill in a so-called mileage diary over a period of eight weeks reporting all refueling events. In this diary we ask for the following data:

Participants are also asked to provide information about the respective car (year, fuel type, power, etc.).

Your participation as well as returning the documents is, of course, free of cost for you. Households receive prepaid envelopes for all the documents (no need to add postage). Your household will also receive a little gift to thank you for your participation.