The data collected by the German Mobility Panel are processed annually and provide valuable information on personal mobility and car usage. Important mobility key values are the number of trips made, travel distances and time spent travelling.

The trips made refers to the average number of all trips per person and day.



The travel distance refers to the average length of all the trips per person and day.


The time spent travelling is the time spent by people on average in the transport system per day.


In addition to mobility key values other aspects of mobility are analysed in the annual MOP report, with each report focussing on different aspects. In the last reports the focus was put on the following questions:

  • How have the travel distance and the time spent travelling evolved?
  • What groups of persons use private car during the survey week?
  • How old are the cars purchased in a household?
  • How well do car drivers estimate the travelled distance?
  • Do the results from MOP on transport mode choice also apply to long-distance transport?
  • Etc.

You will find the annual MOP reports here.