Longitudinal study on the travel behavior of the population

Transport policy and transport planning require constantly updated information on traffic events and the travel behavior of the population. On the basis of such information, the transport infrastructure can be designed to meet people's needs - today and in the future.

The German Mobility Panel (MOP) collected this necessary information every year from 1994 to 2022 - for example, when, for what purpose and by which means of transport people travel in Germany. To this end, households were surveyed on their travel behavior in everyday life and on their use of cars. With this information, they make an important contribution to the sensible design of transport systems.

Termination of the German Mobility Panel

The German Mobility Panel project was discontinued on January 31, 2024 after 30 years. The last survey took place in 2022 (survey on everyday travel) and 2023 (survey on mileage and fuel consumption).

Federal Ministry
Supplementary survey on travel behavior in times of increased costs 2022

In 2022, participants in the MOP were asked how their travel behavior has changed due to the increased costs resulting from the Ukraine war and the related energy crisis. The first results of the supplementary survey are already available.

Results of the supplementary survey 2022
Latest report 2022/2023

The report 2022/2023 of the German Mobility Panel (MOP) on everyday mobility and driving performance is available for download. This will be the last report in the MOP-project.